Welcome to TT:Scenics

TT120 is the “new” scale that’s been given a new lease of life by Hornby, and we absolutely love it! The problem is the distinct lack of available TT120 buildings and scenery on the market for the scale, so that’s where we step in. We want TT120 to survive and thrive, so we’ve been designing and printing buildings and lineside items in 1:120 scale so that all you have to do is paint and place on your layout.

Latest TT120 Products

Latest TT120 STL Files

Obviously, as TT120 has only been released on the masses by Hornby since December, this website is incredibly new as well! At the moment we only have a handful of TT120 items available, but over time we’ll try our best to get as much designed as we possibly can and make available through this website. If you have a 3D printer available at home, we’ll also be offering many of our TT120 items available in STL format so that you can print as many as you like.